More than 30 years of quality, experience and know-how

Garoa, a company founded more than 30 years ago, joins a long experience with a highly qualified dynamic team. If you are already our customer, you know our commitment with quality and service. If you don’t know us, we may have interesting products for you. Read more

We are a frozen products wholesaler company. From our main warehouse in Andoain our fleet supplies more than 1200 customers, basically restaurants, snack bars, buffets, canteens and food industry.

Our highly diversified development and our quality of customer service are the cause of becoming a leading company in our zone of influence.

Discover a wide range of products (more than 650) from varied and diverse suppliers: extractive fishing and fish farming companies, vegetable processing factories, manufacturers of ready-made and precooked frozen products, etc.

We are a close-knit team of professional individuals who are concerned about quality and commitment. We are probably the answer you are looking for.

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